Book Review || The Hunger Games

Author:  Suzanne Collins

In what was once North America, there is a prosperous country called Panem. It is ruled over by the Capitol, a rich city of luxury, which is supplied by 12 districts, each with their own natural resources. Every year, the Capitol hosts a televised death match: The Hunger Games. Two “Tributes,” one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen, from each district are chosen randomly in what is called the Reaping to fight to the death until only one remains. Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen year old girl who lives in District Twelve, a small mining colony. She is extremely talented with a bow and arrow, but not with friends.  She must (illegally) hunt in the woods with her only friend, Gale, to sustain her sister and mother. The day of the Reaping, her sister is chosen as a Tribute. Katniss, panic-stricken, volunteers; Peeta Mellark is chosen as the other Tribute. Katniss and Peeta must travel to the Capitol to try to stay alive and win the Games. Katniss decides she must win, for the sake of her sister. But there can only be one Victor…

I know that this is already a very popular book, complete with its own movie, but the dystopian world in the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy, created by Suzanne Collins, is full of sophisticated details and eccentric characters, as well as heroes who have their own flaws. I can admit that this is one of my favourite books, if not my most favourite of all. I just wanted to pay homage by starting my book reviews with this incredible novel. The movies are wonderful, but don’t stop there; read the books, because the intricate flavor you get from them is incomparable.


6 thoughts on “Book Review || The Hunger Games

    1. Yes, actually, because Suzanne Collins was channel-surfing television one night. She started flicking through the channels and came to a reality show on one channel. On the next was a documentary about gladiator fighting. The two ideas— reality tv and gladiator fighting— came together and thus the idea for the Hunger Games began to form. Great point and happy new year!


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