Insurgent Movie Review!

I’ve got news… I have seen Insurgent! Here are the vital stats of the movie: Release Date: March 20th, 2015 Genre: Science fiction film/Thriller (Dystopia) Time: 1 hour 59 minutes Director: Robert Schwentke Prequel: Divergent Main Cast: Shailene Woodley (Tris Prior), Theo James (Tobias Eaton), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior), Kate Winslet (Jeanine Matthews), Miles Teller (Peter), Zoë […]

Book Chat #3: Poly-Reading

Hey everyone! In today’s Book Chat, we will be discussing… poly-reading! It’s a term I use to describe a common skill among book worms. poly-reading /ˈpälē-ˈrēdiNG/ noun 1. the action or skill of reading more than one written or printed matter silently or aloud at once. In other words, it’s when you begin reading a book, […]

5 Beautiful Quotes from Irish Writers

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, here are some very inspiring and meaningful quotes from prominent Irish authors. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” — Oscar Wilde “He wanted to cry quietly but not for himself: for the words, so beautiful and sad, like music.” — […]

Book Review || Insurgent

Author: Veronica Roth (Before you read, you may want to check out my review of Divergent, which is the first book of the Divergent series.) Tris and Four, who she now calls by his real name Tobias, are unsure what to do. Erudite has just attacked the peaceful Abnegation members searching for Divergents, whom they […]

International Women’s Day 2015: Make It Happen

Today is International Women’s Day. A little girl I know has made a poster that reads: Today is… International Women’s Day! Go Women! She drew pictures of girls around the words: one with a bun and glasses, one with curly hair, one with straight hair, and one with a head covering. It’s absolutely beautiful. ❤ […]

The Insurgent Movie!

On March 20th, 2015, something very exciting is happening— the Insurgent movie is coming out! 😀 I’m simply thrilled, because there’s less than two weeks left! Here is what Veronica Roth, the author of Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant, says on her blog about seeing her new movie last month: Guys, Insurgent is great— and fun to […]

Book Review || Around the World in 80 Days

Author: Jules Verne Mr. Phileas Fogg is a wealthy British man who lives a precise, solitary life. On the morning of October 2nd, 1872, he is in the process of hiring a new manservant, a Frenchman named Jean Passepartout, who is glad to get away from the excitement of his previous years. Later that morning, […]