Book Chat #3: Poly-Reading

Hey everyone! In today’s Book Chat, we will be discussing… poly-reading! It’s a term I use to describe a common skill among book worms.

1. the action or skill of reading more than one written or printed matter silently or aloud at once.

In other words, it’s when you begin reading a book, put it down, and then begin another book. You then alternate between reading the two books and finish them. It can also work with 3+ books. Any amount, really. Some book lovers are completely against reading multiple books at a time, while for others, poly-reading is the only way to read.

I find poly-reading convenient. I’m always reading more than two books at once. After all, how are you going to finish all the thousands of hundreds of books in this world if you don’t read a couple at a time? 😉

The only catch for me is not to merge the plots together. For instance, let’s say that I’m reading one dystopian book, one Louisa May Alcott, and one Jane Austen. Since both the Alcott and Austen books are considered “classics,” and are written in a similar, old-fashioned (but amazing) style, I’m bound to mix them up. So here’s a tip: If you’re going to poly-read, then read multiple books from different genres. Be well-rounded. Read one dystopia, one classic, one fantasy, one mystery. You also might not want to read two books from the same author; again, the writing style will be too similar.

Sometimes poly-reading is not an option. If there’s a novel that you want to give your undivided attention to, then do not read any other books. Concentrate on that specific one. Think about the plot. Think about the characters. And when you have finished that book, that’s when you can continue reading multiple books.

There are so many new, different books being published every day, and we have so many resources and so much technology right at our fingertips. So why not take advantage of it? Poly-reading is the norm now, and no wonder, with  all the amazing ideas taking flight to the world. Here’s to books and reading all of them! 😉

(On a side note, Insurgent is officially out! I am hoping to watch it soon!)


2 thoughts on “Book Chat #3: Poly-Reading

  1. Yasser says:

    Hmmm – poly-reading…
    Multi tasking in the reading world!
    I can imagine you being a book blog owner/book reviewer, such a skill would be handy and improved with ‘practice’ as you tear through books at a time ;), but I think not everyone could keep their focus!


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