Book Review || Through the Skylight

Author: Ian Baucom Publishers: Simon & Schuster Release Year: 2013 My Summary Siblings Jared, Shireen, and Miranda are staying in Venice with their parents, and they’re bored. Life suddenly becomes more interesting when they happen upon an old Venetian shopkeeper, who lets each of them pick out a treasure from a bag— two rings for […]

Book Review || What the Moon Saw

Author: Laura Resau Publishers: Delacorte Press Release Year: 2006 My Summary Clara Luna’s name means “Clear Moon” in Spanish, but lately her thoughts have been anything but clear. Questions are taking over her mind like tangled weeds— Who is she, really? Where does she come from? After all, Clara doesn’t know much about her father’s […]

Book Chat #5: Mothers!

Happy (late) Mother’s Day everyone! 🙂 Presenting a Book Chat focusing on mothers everywhere, both fictional and real! To All the Real Mothers Out There: First of all, thank you. Thank you for being so loving and so supportive. Thank you for giving up everything for us to have the best life possible. Thank you […]

Book Review || Heidi

Author: Johanna Spyri Publishers: Currently being published by many companies, one of the most well-known being Puffin Classics Release Year: 1880 My Summary Heidi is an orphaned little girl, living with her aunt in Switzerland. Aunt Dete decides that she no longer wishes to take care of the child, and brings her to the Swiss Alps to […]