Book Chat #7: Fathers!

Hi everyone! I know Father’s Day was over a week ago— 😛 —but since I did a Book Chat for Mother’s Day, here’s one celebrating fathers everywhere, both real and fictional!

To All the Real Fathers Out There:

First of all, thank you.

Thank you for being so loving and supportive.

Thank you for sacrificing everything for our happiness.

Thank you for always knowing that we would turn out to be the chat pic

Thank you for reading to us from storybooks and rocking us to sleep as babies.

Thank you for being behind the camera all those years as you took videos and photos of our accomplishments.

Thank you for making us laugh and smile.

Thank you for encouraging us to follow our dreams.

Thank you for always being there for us.

And most of all, thank you for making us the people we are today.

We love you so much!

To All the Fictional Fathers Out There:

There are tons of examples of amazing dads in literature. Here are a couple of super inspiring fathers from books I’ve read!

  • Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie- The father of Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Grace Ingalls, Charles Ingalls, or Pa, was a true pioneer with a hardworking spirit. Although he could skin a bear and build a house by hand, he remained kind and courteous and taught his daughters to stand up for themselves and know that they could do anything a boy could do just as well.
  • Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter- Arthur Weasley’s jokey personality and enthusiasm for life perfectly balance out his wife Molly’s protectiveness and responsible attitude. Acting like a father to orphaned Harry, he follows his passions eagerly and trusts his children with all his heart.
  • Mr. March from Little Women- A scholarly, philosophical person, Mr. March was greatly missed by his four daughters while he was helping out the North in the Civil War. Mr. March always took out the time, even while on the battlefield, to write a nice, long letter to his girls and wife. Once back at home, he never hesitated to turn any event into a teaching moment.
  • Mr. Quimby from Ramona and Beezus- Ah, Ramona and Beezus, I absolutely loved that book when I was younger! Still do, as a matter of fact. Anyway, Mr. Quimby has a lot to deal with: struggling with money even though both him and his wife work, quitting smoking, and, of course, his daughter Ramona. To say that she’s a handful would be an understatement— her imagination often gets her into sticky situations. But throughout all the hardship, he remains patient with Ramona and loving with his family. 🙂

Once again, happy (super late) Father’s Day to all the amazing dads— both real and fictional— who inspire and encourage us each and every day!

❤ Yasimone


New Series || Words to Use More Often: #1

Hello hello! Sorry for my absence lately, I’m still travelling abroad and it’s so much fun! I’m constantly busy, and WiFi is a little scarce at the moment, but don’t worry; I promise to try to posting more often. I know this isn’t a travel blog, but I might be posting a couple things about my travels sometime soon, so look forward to that. Anyway, this post is a little something that popped into my brain a couple days ago, which is a weekly list of words that catch my whimsy and that I want to be able to use more often. Lists and pretty words, what’s not to love? Enjoy! 🙂

I adore words. They have power.  Using them in different ways makes people smile or laugh or weep or think. They open your eyes to new things, amuse you, comfort you, teach you. Words are everything and everything is a word. But I’ve noticed that in this age of instant gratification, eloquence is out. Instead, it’s been replaced by texting abbreviations, simple sentences, and spelling everything wrong. So I’ve made it my mission to bring back beautiful words. Care to join me?

Here’s my first list of words I love and wish people would use more often. I’m definitely integrating them into my daily vocabulary. 😀

>> Effervescent


  1. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy
  2. (of a personality) vivacious and enthusiastic; bubbly and lively

>> Ineffable


  1. too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

>> Petrichor


  1. a pleasant smell that occurs after the first rain after a long period of dry and warm weather.

>> Solace


  1. comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or grief.

>> Eucatastrophe


  1. a favourable resolution to a story; a happy ending

>> Bucolic


  1. relating to the pleasantness of the countryside and rural life

>> Opaque


  1. not transparent or translucent; not shining or bright

>> Blithe


  1. having a casual and carefree indifference considered improper
  2. happy or cheerful

>> Smidgen


  1. a very small amount of something

>> Zephyr


  1. a soft, gentle breeze

Well, that’s all for this week! Are there any words that you particularly like, whether for their meaning or how they sound or the way they’re spelled? Have a lovely day!

 ❤ Yasimone

Book Review || Murder is Bad Manners

Author: Robin Stevens

Publishers: Simon & Schuster

Release Year: 2015

Alternative Title: Murder Most Unladylike

My Summary

English boarding school Deepdean students Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells have formed a secret detective society. The only problem is that they haven’t had any cases to solve. How thrilling. But then everything changes when one evening, Hazel stumbles upon the science teacher’s body in the gym! Struggling not to faint, Hazel returns to Daisy with the macabre news. When the two return to the gym, however, Miss Bell’s corpse has vanished into nothingness! murder is bad manners close up.jpgWith Daisy enthusiastic and practically bouncing with glee to be a crime-solving detective like in her beloved whodunit novels and Hazel more than reluctant, the duo takes it upon themselves to solve the murder of Miss Bell (because, let’s be honest, why would a body disappear like that if it had just been an accident?). Solving a murder mystery, however, is not as simple as it seems; they’ve got too many suspects, too little clues, and no way to prove that there even was a victim! Everyone believes that Miss Bell has just resigned, but Hazel and Daisy know better. As they investigate around the school and gather alibis, each girl forms her own opinion on who killed Miss Bell, and why. But just when they think they’ve got a lead, everything they think they know is proved to be wrong. Will they be able to solve the case of The Murder of Miss Bell, or will the killer stay on the loose?

My Thoughts

I absolutely ADORED (with all capital letters) this book. It’s the perfect combination of Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, clever students, boarding school, and sneakiness… what’s not to love?

The prose, narrated by Hazel— the more sensible and thoughtful of the two —was charming and witty and oh-so-very English. I also found the plot to be nicely done: Although the case itself was relatively simple, it had just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you in suspense and confused along with the girls. For an embarrassingly long time, I could not figure out who the murderer was! But don’t tell anyone I said that. 😉 murder is bad manners.jpgThe characters and their friendships were also extremely well formed. Robin Stevens certainly managed to capture a realistic relationship between two girls so different in school status— the blue-eyed, blonde-haired sweetheart of the school and the clever, quiet foreign student. Their friendship is complex and feels very genuine. And unlike in some other books where children are the main characters, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the adult characters were not bumbling, clueless idiots. As for the setting, I’ve always found charmingly sinister boarding schools to be great for a story to take place in. Add a quaint 1930s flair and a touch of British-ness and you’ve got a school everyone will want to attend, including me. 🙂 A fun, suspenseful book full of red herrings and suspicious characters, Murder is Bad Manners is the perfect book to curl up with indoors on a dark and stormy afternoon.

*It should be noted that I own the US version of the book, with the title Murder is Bad Manners, and I really love the cover of the book ^^^ (even more so than the UK version’s one). As a matter of fact, the main reason I first picked up Murder is Bad Manners is because of how pretty the cover was. 😀

By the way, in the upcoming weeks I’ll be doing a bit of travelling, so I may not be able to post as much. Just thought I’d let you all know in advance. 🙂

❤ Yasimone

Book Chat #6: A New Harry Potter Movie?!

Hello hello! Happy June everybody! Now, I have some extremely interesting news to share!

There’s going to be a new Harry Potter movie!

According to CNN News, J. K. Rowling herself is going to be writing the script for the new film, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” Director David Yates will also be returning to the set. The movie, which is scheduled to be released November 18th, 2016— why so far away?— is the first of a trilogy of movies that will take place about seventy years before Harry and company save the wizarding world from the evils of Lord Voldemort. The films will be about a wizard named Newt Scamander, who discovers enchanted monsters and creatures and documents them in a book: “Fantastic Beasts.” book chat picAll Harry Potter fans should know that this is an important textbook that the Hogwarts students use in their class, Care of Magical Creatures (which is taught by Hagrid). No, the original cast of the Harry Potter movies— Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint— will most likely not be in the trilogy at all. However, Oscar-winning British actor Eddie Redmayne will be playing the part of Newt Scamander! 🙂 Set in New York, the movie is not exactly a sequel or a prequel, but an “extension of Harry Potter’s wizarding world,” according to Rowling. It will be based off of a spin-off book that Rowling wrote in 2001, in the format of a Hogwarts textbook.

I’m… speechless! Who would have thought that Harry Potter’s world would come to the big-screen once again? I certainly didn’t, but I’m overjoyed at this strange turn of events. 😀 Here’s hoping that they don’t mess up this trilogy and leave us Potter fans crestfallen. I only wish the movie came out sooner! 😉

Are you anticipating the new trilogy?

❤ Yasimone