Words to Use More Often: #2

Well, hello there!

It’s been a while! I’m finally back home after an amazing vacation and yet I’ve got so much to catch up on in Travel Snippets! 😐 Worry not though, I’m back on schedule (hopefully) and will be posting more Travel Snippets as well as Book Reviews and Book Chats, both of which I was unable to write while abroad due to my lack of books. So, for now, here’s another Words to Use More Often— interesting words that I love and want to bring back into everyone’s daily vocabulary. Enjoy!

>> Ethereal


  1. exquisitely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

>> Bliss


  1. pure joy; perfect happiness

>> Elusive


  1. difficult to find, catch, or achieve

>> Labyrinth


  1. a complicated, irregular network of passages and paths where it is difficult to find the way out; a maze

>> Loquacious


  1. talking a great deal; talkative

>> Briar

noun [alternate spelling: brier]

prickly, scrambling bushes, such as wild roses

>> Discombobulated


frustrated, confused

>> Marginalia


  1. notes in the margins of a book

>> Regal


  1. resembling that of a monarch
  2. majestic and dignified

>>  Nonchalant


  1. feeling casual and calm
  2. not showing interest or anxiety; appearing neutral

❤ Yasimone

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