Hi, I’m Yasimone!

Voracious reader. Ravenclaw. Lover of words, the ocean, summertime thunder storms, and copious amounts of tea.

Besides reading, my hobbies include (but are not limited to): singing, playing violin, drawing things in the margins of my notebooks, writing stories and poems, watching movies, travelling, listening to music 24/7, andย debating about politics.

I am a big fan of taking good photographs and an avid believer in the Oxford comma. I am also currently emotionally invested in waaaaay too many characters and books.

yasimone.com was born on December 31st, 2014–just one hour shy of the new year–as a way to share my affection for books of all kinds, review novels, and gush about my favourite characters. I hope that through reviewing and encouraging intelligent discussion, I can inspire and encourage others to discover the power of words, start their own reading journeys, and make a difference through books! โค

@ All my fellow bookworms: let’s be friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

โค Yasimone

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