Travel Snippets || Part 2: Landing at Istanbul + More Amazing Food

gorgeous airplane view.jpg
The view of Germany from my airplane seat.

Hello everyone! 😀 I’m finally back with a second Travel Snippet, yay!

After enjoying some cake at Frankfurt Airport, I had to board my transfer flight to Istanbul, Turkey. (Germany looks absolutely gorgeous from above, by the way.) 🙂

Once arriving at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, I had enough time on my hands before boarding my final flight to try some local food from a restaurant in the terminal. I decided to check out Tadinda Anadolu, which translates to English as “In the Taste of Anatolia.” Out of many different styles of cuisine from the various regions of Turkey,

The restaurant.
The restaurant.

I chose a classic dish called çöp şiş. It’s juicy lamb marinated in garlic, tomato, oregano, black pepper, and olive oil, which is a staple in many Turkish dishes. The lamb bits are then arranged on thin bamboo skewers and grilled. It was soooo good after all that airplane food, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t taste very good and comes in much too tiny portions. 😉

To be continued…

This post was yet another “gourmet” post about the cuisine I had while travelling, but then again, you can’t fully understand a country’s culture without trying their food. And don’t worry, the next Travel Snippets are much more exciting, so stay tuned! 😛 Happy August by the way!

❤ Yasimone

Travel Snippets || Part 1: Surprise Delicacies at Frankfurt Airport

Hi! Happy July! Everybody here probably knows that I’ve been abroad lately, so here’s Part I of my mini travel series! I know it’s a little out of the ordinary, seeing as this is a book blog, but I just wanted to share some of the really cool places I’ve been. 🙂 So this begins waaaaay from the start of my trip, back at the beginning of June…

frankfurt airport.jpg
A photo from the Frankfurt Airport, where I had a transfer flight to my final destination, Turkey.
germany mccafe cakes.jpg
Literally the BEST cakes I’ve ever had in my life: lemon cheescake and raspberry chocolate.

I love airports. There’s just something about them— people from all over the world together under one roof, making their way to such amazing places for so many different reasons. It’s enough to leave you in awe. Since I had a couple of hours to spare before my transfer flight took off from Frankfurt Airport, I walked around a little before discovering a McCafé. And guess what? They have the best cakes! (After all, Germany is known for having really good gourmet cakes, but still, I hadn’t expected to find epiphany at a McCafé, of all places.) It was a really nice surprise after getting off a long, exhausting flight. 🙂

To be continued…

❤ Yasimone